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The Biennial Project travels far and wide and we come across a lot of different characters.

Due to our infectious energy our acquaintances often get carried away with our spirit and often wake up the next morning thinking to themselves “What the fuck did I do that for?”

 Yes, sometimes our friends, while hanging out with us, The Biennial Project, tend to jump out of their circle of comfort and do things that they feel ashamed of.

We are pleased to give our cohorts a chance, in the following video, to express their remorse in hope of saving face or even possibly of making amends.

The Biennial Project is pleased to present our very first Shaming Video. We may not be as cute as dogs but nobody has pooped on the floor either, at least not yet….


The Biennial Project Shaming Video
The Biennial Project Shaming Video

Apparently some of our friends sleep very well at night. We gave them an option of taking this space as a means to start their healing. These friends of ours however seem to be just fine with their behavior. Hey we’re fine with that. The Biennial Project has a gigantic circle of comfort, but yet we were still surprised.

We wondered why Tom Estes didn’t feel the need to vent that he carried a life-sized cardboard cut out of Laura Rollins in 95-degree temperatures though the crowded streets of Venice with The Biennial Project.

We reckon Erica Femino is used to having group sex in New York with The Biennial Project and that dancing until dawn on Italian rooftops in her panties with the The Biennial Project is a typical day for Katherine Sweetman.

The fact that James Lipovac didn’t feel the need to atone for getting so drunk on free Prosecco at the preview day of the Venice Biennale with The Biennial Project that he agreed to make out with a wealthy Septuagenarian Art Collector astonishes us.

Markus Blauss ran around a public Square in Europe with his underpants around his knees with The Biennial Project. We guess that’s his business. Its not like Barbara Jo Revelle didn’t also run down Calle del Avvocati naked with The Biennial Project. She too felt no reason to mention this.

Marlene Sarroff got hot and sweaty at the Critical Run event in Sydney, Australia with The Biennial Project, and Shelah Horovitz lowered her clothing standards and wore an ugly t-shirt at a reception with The Biennial Project. We’re thinking, not a big deal in their world.

Justin Augspurg drank so much free Vodka at The Finnish Reception that he had to be carried home with the Biennial Project and yet that didn’t add up to an ounce of guilt.

We figured Veronika Domkarova would be a little embarrassed dressing up like a hooker with the Biennial Project or that Rebecca Potter might feel a little remorse for enticing strangers

to join her in a hot tub in Marfa Texas with the Biennial Project.

What can we say? Our morals attract  

your immorality. Thanks heavens for that!!



The Biennial Project