Anna Salmeron and Eric Hess always help our friends in need.

The holidays are hard enough, but try being a down-on-your-luck Santa and Elf. Santa isn’t allowed to work anymore due to those negative Cori reports, and his most loyal elf, Elf Nancy, is knocked up again and is considering drying out this holiday. They can’t do this without a little help.

We, The Biennial Project decided we must use our vast network of do-gooders to help Santa and Elf Nancy out this Christmas.

So we generously lent out our studio space so that our less fortunate pals could earn some extra cash by posing for photos with you. You see Santa has to move out of his rented room in a three-decker in Brockton because it’s too close to a school, and Elf Nancy could use an abortion and maybe a fix so she doesn’t get dope sick.

So clearly it was just the right thing to do. Here’s hoping the photos don’t break the internet.