The Biennial Project is excited to announce an AMAZING opportunity for up and coming Fasionistas worldwide to design outfits that will be worn by fabulous Biennial Project artists Eric & Anna during the week of Press Previews for the 2015 Venice Biennale. The winning designer will have their work seen by the innumerable glitterati and design world heavyweights in attendance at this incomparable week-long event.
The Biennial Project will be collaborating on a Major Performative Art Work with the famous art duo Eva & Adele*, and we will of course need suitable attire. We are looking for an on trend and fashion forward design inspired by the classy and timeless look favored by our Doppelgängers Eva & Adele**.

The Biennial Project will execute the Winning Design in our trademark Biennial Project Fabric (using the production talents of our Personal Biennial Project Undocumented Local Seamstress). We will accessorize our looks with yellow pumps, pearls, and bald wigs.
The Winning Design will need to be able to transition from days spent at chic exhibition venues with Eva & Adele*** to evenings whiled away at exclusive openings, to nights dedicated to dancing beneath the diamond sky with one hand waving free(as well as inevitably carrying our can’t-hold-their-procesco brethren home across our broad shoulders).

In addition, Eric & Anna will wear the Wining Design to the Star-Studded Gala Reception for the ArtVenice Biennale III, sure to be attended by everyone-who-is-anyone in the Global Art and Couture World! 

And as if having your Winning Design presented on such a world stage is not reward enough, the Winning Designer will also receive a Fabulous Prize Package valued at over $50!

The Biennial Project
P.S. We are serious about all this, so get to work on those sketches!
 Eva and Adele are an artistic couple who claim to have ‘landed’ their time machines in Berlin after the wall fell in 1989. Both refuse to tell their real name or age. They are famous for their performance shows. They dress identically to each other in makeup and bald heads. They claim that since they met they have vowed never to spend a night apart nor receive guests in their house without being fully made-up. Although as a man and a woman and in a relationship for 22 years, the two could have gotten married as man and woman, it was important for them to be able to marry as two women. Eva (who has a deep voice and broad shoulders) argued to court that although her body was a man, her soul was not. After reading numerous psychiatric and psychological reports, the judge agreed. Eva’s birth certificate was then reissued with her sex as female.  



ArtStars* 56 - Eva & Adele
ArtStars* 56 – Eva & Adele